Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my window/door so hard to open and close?

Each window or door is unique, so we can determine the cause when we evaluate yours, however, here are a few causes:

  • Settling in most homes is normal. This causes window sash and door panels to drag against the frame, creating friction.

  • Original installation may not have been optimal. The installation may have “squeezed” the window or door, causing too tight a fit between the sash/door panel, and the frame.

  • Gravity. Over time, hinges and hardware may have loosened, allowing the window sash/door panel to sag and rub on the frame.

  • Worn-out hardware. Mechanical components can wear out over time. Wind can create excess wear and tear on hinges when windows or doors are open.

  • Paint. If a painter applies too much paint on moving parts, then this causes problems at interfacing surfaces.

My home is only a few years old, so my doors and windows don’t need maintenance, right?

No! Here are just a few examples why this is not true:

  • Again, if the window/door was not perfectly installed, there will be excess wear and tear.

  • The installers are not trained in “fine tuning” windows and doors. Once our technicians align and adjust your windows and doors, you can count on a long trouble free service life.

  • The dry Colorado climate causes the inadequate factory lubricants to disappear quickly. We use custom lubricants designed to withstand the Colorado high country.

How can your services save me money?

In many ways. Here are three:

  • When we tune-up a window, we tighten loose hardware, adjust latches, and align the sash. This allows everything to work easier, causing less wear and tear every time you open and close the window. This extends the service life of your windows and doors.

  • Replacing weatherstripping in windows or doors can save on your heating bills.

  • Using customized hardware lubricants helps avoid premature failure and replacement.

My window manufacturer went out of business. Can you get parts?

Our team has 60 years of combined experience in this industry. Chances are very good we can find it for you.

Do you work on interior doors?


  • If they don’t latch we align the panels.

  • If they rattle, we give them “the silent treatment”…allowing for silent operation in the middle of the night, as well as making them feel like a much higher quality door.

Do you install sound reduction glass?

Yes. Our customers with this glass love the results along major highways with road noise.

How should I maintain my old Windows?

Like most things on the inside and outside of your home, windows and doors do require maintenance. Most manufacturers provide care and cleaning instructions with their products, which should be followed. Here are a few key maintenance considerations:

Glass, sash and frame surfaces should be kept clean, but petroleum-based cleaners, and solvents should not be used. Additional, you should not use a razor blade, putty knife or abrasive pad.

Particular care should be given to sills and track areas. Keep free of dirt, dead insects and other debris. Most windows and doors use a water drainage or “weep” system in the frame to drain excess water from heavy rains to the outside. Care should be taken to keep weepholes clean without damaging weephole covers/baffles.

Weatherstripping and hardware should be cleaned and maintained periodically. If weatherstripping is excessively worn, windows and doors cannot seal properly. Hardware components, such as sash locks, operators and patio door rollers, must be operable for security and life safety purposes. If any of these components are no longer functional, they should be replaced.

All Window & Door Services specializes in bringing new life back to neglected windows and doors. We have two types of Tune-ups:

Comprehensive Tune-ups- solves problems. Preventative Tune-ups help extend the life of your windows and doors… just like when you periodically maintain your car.

Should I Repair or Replace my windows?

The first step is to request an Evaluation. All Window & Door Services will check all your windows and doors and provide you with an evaluation. This will include frame/sash integrity, glass condition, hardware condition, all mechanical components such as hinges and latches, and whether or not the window needs adjustments. Once we have this data, then we can discuss the best options for your home.

My windows have Condensation on them. Is this normal?

Occasionally, homeowners raise concerns about condensation on window glass. Condensation is water vapor from the air that is deposited on a surface when the humid air near the surface is cooled. The water forms since cool air is not able to hold as much water vapor as warm air. The occasional appearance of condensation on windows, mirrors and other areas of the home is not a problem, but consistent condensation indicates an elevated humidity level in the home, or a poor seal that allows cold air to enter the home. Request an evaluation to determine the solution in your home.

More questions? We’re here to help. Contact us today.