Our Services

We offer unsurpassed expertise in window and door repair with a combined 60+ years of experience in the Vail Valley. We work on all brands of windows!

Window Repair & Tune-Ups

Our Window Repair Services Include:

  • Replacing glass

  • Rebuilding broken or weather-beaten wooden sashes

  • Re-installing complete windows, if installed incorrectly

Our Window Tune-Up Services Include:

  • Aligning sash to eliminate dragging

  • Adjusting latches for ease of operation

  • Cleaning interfacing surfaces to reduce friction

  • Adjusting & lubricating all hardware for butter smooth operation

  • Tightening loose hardware to provide preventative maintenance

  • Installing Next Generation Weatherstripping customized for your Windows

  • Anti-aging Treatment: We re-condition the metal cladding to like-new appearance

Our Window Anti-Aging Treatment Includes:

  • We remove oxidized paint while protecting your glass from scratches

  • We rejuvenate the paint with conditioners to add the original color back again

  • We seal the paint with UV protection for lasting results

  • Protects the investment in your home by rejuvenating windows and doors.

Benefits of Full Glass Replacement and Glass Upgrades:

  • Improved insulation for a more even temperature in your home

  • Protection from sun faded furniture from bright sunlight

  • Reduction in noise from traffic on a nearby street or highway

  • Fix glaring south facing windows that let too much light in

  • Upgraded LoE coatings for efficiency

Door Repair & Tune-Ups

Our Door Tune-ups include:

  • Aligning sash to eliminate dragging

  • Adjusting latches and deadbolts for ease of operation

  • Tightening loose hardware to provide preventative maintenance

  • Replacing weatherstripping and door bottom sweeps

  • We work on ALL brands

Our door tune-ups last for years!


Window Sun Damage?

Making old looking windows and doors look like new!

Does your home suffer from window sun damage? 300 days a year of high-altitude sunshine is why many of us live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, but the climate can be extremely harsh on your windows and doors…causing them to age prematurely.

All Window & Door Services provides an Anti-Aging Treatment for your home!